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Los Voluble - english dossier

publicado en invierno el Miércoles 13 de marzo de 2024

More than 20 years making remix culture a new language. We have developed laboratories and live shows in which they put together electronic music and flamenco. See below

  • Los Voluble were the first to bring flamenco to the Sónar Festival with ’Raverdial’ in 2015 together with Niño de Elche.
  • ‘Flamenco is not a crime’ y ‘JALEO IS A CRIME’ are two shows to investigate the links between flamenco and electronics. The Jiménez brothers are the flamenco artists of the future. Here and now!
  • Countries like United Kingdom, USA or France, and the main stages of the country have programmed their proposals.
  • They give different master-class and workshops in which to work on ’Political Remix Video’.

Inspired by the movement "free party is not a crime", Los Voluble present in 2019, a proposal in which flamenco and electronica intersect with critical culture and political remix video. Following the path of approaches articulated in previous shows such as ’Raverdial’ or ’En el nombre de’, around the party, the commonality of remix and the complexity of the collective, Pedro and Benito Jiménez propose this time a direct approach to flamenco and its counterpositions: purism versus avant-garde or experimentation, attitude versus flamenco aptitude or its parallelism and connection with other musical genres such as Gqom, footwork, experimental dub, grime or reggaeton, among many other stylistic leaps. Duration: 50 minutes.

Los Voluble follow the path marked by the first installment of their ’Flamenco is not a crime’ this time to delve into archives, not only from the Internet, and build a new live cinema that continues to use in a unique way deblas, tonás or martinetes processed by their gaze and their attentive listening to contemporary rhythms.
In JALEO IS A CRIME, Los Voluble propose archives that dance, remixes that entertain and tumultuous political struggles that give rise to an audiovisual spectacle that avoids the ojana and the search for the undeserved ole.

Duration: 60 minutes


Thanks to the huge archive available, as well as to the multiple aesthetic, musical and conceptual references aesthetic, musical and conceptual references of Los Voluble, [still] NO TELEVISED dives into Afro-American dives into Afro-American culture, as Heron himself points out at the beginning of the at the beginning of the book

"Black Americans today are an incredibly diverse essence from all over the world.
incredibly diverse from all the places we’ve come from and the the musics and the rhythms that we have brought with us. Your way of paying tribute and showing our respect has been to include all facets of the respect has been to include all facets of our community in our music community in our music."

Themes already worked on by Los Voluble in previous artistic proposals such as mass media, migrations and racism, or the new forms of spirituality come
or the new forms of spirituality come to meet with an artistic heritage that has
artistic heritage that has marked artistic tendencies, movements and essential musical essential musical scenes of yesterday and today.

Duration: 60 minutes

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